Me & my family


Tαოოy G. Đaʀkfϕld Uℓνєη

I been in SL over 7 years and still it’s a game I log into it every single day. My family is in there.

♡ Family always comes first ♡

I am me, don’t pretending to be anyone else……..

>>> Trust me I been around for a while <<<

……..But I don’t bite… much… 😉

♡ Partned with Zylo Oct 2010 in RL ? Dec 2010 in SL


Second Life Birthdate
February 02, 2010

I like to travel and see new things but also to just crawl up in the sofa and relaxe to a movie. Keeping myself busy with my music, friends and my hobbies.

After a long time of doing the same old thing I’m finally doing diffrent things and feeling great. I even become furry some times.


I known him for a very long time before SL. We always been good to best friends. We did starting to hang out the year 2002 in the beta of Earth & Beyond. Now we are bit more then that. He makes me happy, he makes me smile.. and omg he makes me giggels alot. I am maybe crazy but I miss him when he isn’t here with me… I love him more then I have words for.

And now we do live together in RL \o/

I love you then I love you now and will love you tomorrow and the day after that and…


My sissyface is the one I love the most and even more then that. I feel lost if I don’t have time to talk to her for a while. I feel happy when she is around. She is def a BIG part of my life *smiles*

We have been there for eachother for over 6 years now and I will be there beside her forever. Until the sun burns out… plus some sec more…

Thx Sissyface for being my sis and friend<3
You means more to me then you ever will understand. ?


Neo is loving to paint, in sl and in RL and he is awesome good too.

Neo is my brother, my friend both in here and in rl. Known him for over 29y …. We starting our friendship over old fashing D&D RPG, the one you using pen, paper and dices in. It was back in the year 1987 I think. Sometime around that.

Today we still as good friends and I see him everyday. 。◕‿◕。

Neo: you are the best brother I ever had 😀


My sister from a other mother.. We are so alike it’s sometimes scary hehe … We are sisters by souls and will always be there when the other one needs it.

We stalking eachother in more then one game hehe We rocks hard in Diablo and teams up to fiught the woulds.

Our favorite hobby is to discuss all and everything between heaven and hell.

Thx Flame to be there for me <3


For all the years you have follow me around, I have no idea how you always make me laugh and make me feel blessed with so many friends.

Sammie been living with me for.. 4-5 years now I think. Where I go she goes. We are stick to eachothert as clue … LMAO ok maybe not that much haha almsot.

Even sometimes she have 15min before have to rush to RL she still log in to spend them with me.

Sammie I love you to bit’s your a true BFF <3


My family is my reason to be here, my world, my existens. I love my dad, he always have time for me and all of us in the family and I happy to be his daughter. My mum is one of the persons I do look up to, she is just teh best. My sissyface been there for me all the years and she will be my best friend to the end of time.

Thx for beeing in my life <3

Dad: Ƙϕʀ
Mum: Jaicy

Sisters: Peaches, Eva, JoyJoy, Sammie, Flame

Brother: Neo

Proud member of Đaʀkfϕld family

Conny & Mike Even that you are no longer togeher I still love you so much both of you


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