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It’s smells like stupid

I can’t understand some people that handle first and think it may be a good thing at the time and they have not a clue of the consequence they will have to deal with. I know it can be hard sometimes to see the future and be thinking in advance but some things just scream stupid of it and still they can’t see it.

I can’t say much about it beside I feel sorry for them doing this huge error that will cost more than it taste. Hope you are ready for the things that will come now when you made your choice..

*shakes her head and walks away*

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Don’t waste words

I think it’s better to know what’s going on then not knowing, some ppl do not want to know. And then we have those who get to hear but refuse to believe it. To listen to rumors can be bad because they are not the full truth it’s something someone have heard or seen than added their own supposition of what is going on and then told next person that made the same thing.

I have a friend that don’t believe even if she got to here it. She says it can’t be and what we know is wrong. How do you talk to a person that never really listen to you.

When it’s her talking about things I should listen and be there in the moment. But it’s only one sided. Do I need to stamp in the ground, yell, what can I do to make her listen? Soon I just going to stop listen to her just the way she not listen to me.. All I will say Thx good talk…

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Lick the toad

There is so many things that we want to so in life from the day we are born and to the day we die, for us immortal the dreams keep on showing up after death too..

How many of us belived in some of the stories of licking a toad and it can be a prince.. or if you step on the lines between the road plates something bad will happen, wish and it will get true on a falling star.. don’t walk under a ladder…. if a mirror breaks… etc. etc.

When we grow up we notice that the would really not break that easy.

I still have dreams I want to full fill in life and in 2n life. One of my dreams was to finally get a blogg up and running.

I wanted for 5-6y ago to have a family and now I have 3. My family that I spend more time with then anyone else. I have 3 of my sisters that I talking too everyday. I meet them everyday.

We talk about the day, how it’s been what we done and what we wanna do today. We listen to music, dancing, shopping and raid eachothers closet.

I love my family, when something goes wrong and need someone to talk to they are there and when I am down they pick me up. They have always been there and I will always be there for them.

Love you to the moon and back. Thanks for beeing part of my life ♥

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Life is so much better w/o drama

The drama comes and goes, it’s really up to yourself to make the choice of it will pull you down or make you stronger. I have long time ago come to the point that I don’t care. Or more or less I don’t let it bring me down any more.

I know ppl that is cats, dogs, wolfs and many other animal souls ppl. I know girl liking girls.. guys loving guys.. guys playing girls etc etc.. Do it matter?

The game is what you make to be.

It’s your world, your way to play the game. Don’t let other tell you it’s not what you like and want to be… Do they really know you that good?

Sure there is some limits I would say its wrong.. grown up should not have sex with kids.. that’s just.. wrong in so many levels.. Some like to have sex with corpses.. weird yes but hey some likes it… toilet ..playing is a no no… but hey they maybe like it…

Drama is always near.. just don’t let it bring you down in a dark hole. Don’t make it harder then it is.. Take a step back, take a breath, look at the situation… how can you make it better? Try it.. count to 10.. It’s way better then killing ppl, screaming… tell them do go and f**k themself… what good will it do?

If you do feel you will never speak with them again .. like never ever.. sure.. go for it.. kick, mute, block… do it all.. but if u burn the bridge.. it’s no going back…

Ok never mind.. Im off to bed.. for all you out there I love you and will be here for you when you need it.. ♥

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Got a new toy

Got a new toy

I did spend yesterday with this lovley toy. Been drawing pictures a lot and loving it. Still new to draw pictures on a tab but getting there. 16gb to fill.. what shall I add on it? hmmm

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A new chapter

A new chapter

Welcome back to my site. After my server crashed and burned I haven’t been that inspired to sort my site out. I have now made a goal to make it nice and pretty again. I have got up a new theme I can stand and started with the page, and yes I know there isn’t much under them, I working on them. The summer is sneaking in and that’s mean I will have more time to take care of my poor site that always is the last on my list to fix.

So thanks for all and that you still stay with me 😉


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