StarWars: New stronghold

13 Jul
StarWars: New stronghold

I am so happy that they have now relsesed new stronghold

Decorate your new Stronghold with Manaan-themed decorations, tame the wild Nexu Cat, and more! The Hutts are proud to present this week’s exotic Cartel Market goods:

NOW LIVE: 2,200 Cartel Coins NOW 1,540 CARTEL COINS
  • From exotic aquariums to flowing fountains to Selkath guards, the Deepwater Essentials Bundle has everything you need to customize your new Manaan Stronghold. Each bundle pack includes:
    • 1 Manaan: Fountain of Tranquility
    • 1 News Kiosk: Most Wanted
    • 1 Large Aquarium
    • 1 Aquarium: Laa Scalefish
    • 1 Aquarium: Faa Scalefish
    • 1 Explorer Supplies Set
    • 1 Manaan: Lounge Set
    • 1 Manaan: Office Set
    • 1 Manaan Patio Set
    • 1 Manaan Floor Lamp
    • 1 Selkath Citizen: Lost
    • 1 Selkath Cyborg: Surly
    • 1 Selkath Officer: Patient
    • 4 Flag: Manaan (Hanging)
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