Villa Di Campagna

08 Jun
Villa Di Campagna

Villa Di Campagna is a charming villa perfect for me I think will go and check it later ^^

It has 5 bedrooms, 4 upstairs and 1 downstairs each with their own closets for that extra touch of realism and charm.

Large open living and dining area with a lovely fireplace to relax by.

The large kitchen leads to a big pergola covered patio great for outdoor dining or relaxing. String lights add to the atmosphere at nightime.

Easy to use home control system which powers tintable windows, multi phase lighting and lockable doors and owner controlled access.

The footprint of the home itself is approximately 31 x 24 meters but it is best suited to at least a standard sized 4096sqm parcel at 64x 64 meters to have room for the included sidewalks and cave.

Included as a bonus feature is a cave that fits underneath as a hidden basement. Accessible through a trapdoor underneath the outdoor stairs. You will need proper terraforming rights on your land to make use of the cave. Terraforming on mainland will be too restrictive in most regions to dig deep enough to completely bury the cave unfortunately. You can use landscaping items like rocks and such to make up for this if you have the available prims I’m sure. You can find some free sculpty rocks on my store sim if you need them or there are plenty out there for sale and for free from other stores as well.

The house alone has a land impact of 378.

Bonus parts – sidewalk = 13 LI
Cave = 37 LI
Terrain cover to go with cave = 3 LI

All parts are mod and copy but modifications are limited mostly to scale, texture and color changes. Walls cannot be removed or relocated. Some textures make use of the new materials system and are best viewed using a viewer that supports materials. As of this writing (July 19 2013) the only viewer I personally know of that supports materials is the official SL viewer although I believe 3rd party viewers will be incorporating these features as soon as they can. More info on SL materials can be found on the Secondlife website or forums.

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