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Lick the toad

There is so many things that we want to so in life from the day we are born and to the day we die, for us immortal the dreams keep on showing up after death too..

How many of us belived in some of the stories of licking a toad and it can be a prince.. or if you step on the lines between the road plates something bad will happen, wish and it will get true on a falling star.. don’t walk under a ladder…. if a mirror breaks… etc. etc.

When we grow up we notice that the would really not break that easy.

I still have dreams I want to full fill in life and in 2n life. One of my dreams was to finally get a blogg up and running.

I wanted for 5-6y ago to have a family and now I have 3. My family that I spend more time with then anyone else. I have 3 of my sisters that I talking too everyday. I meet them everyday.

We talk about the day, how it’s been what we done and what we wanna do today. We listen to music, dancing, shopping and raid eachothers closet.

I love my family, when something goes wrong and need someone to talk to they are there and when I am down they pick me up. They have always been there and I will always be there for them.

Love you to the moon and back. Thanks for beeing part of my life ♥

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Ephemeral – Sim with a Vision

They made a video from this place, no it’s not a video I made I found this after beeing wandering around on the sim.

Ephemeral is an artistic installation, and then in the world of Second Life, this means that the design of the landscape, the windlight settings, environmental sound and music settings, objects put on the same SIM have an end, an artistic purpose.
The title that was given to the work may, in fact, confirm this “vision”: “Ephemeral” it is all that has short, what is transitory.

I like places that is diffrent and it feels like I have to always try to find something new that i haven’t seen before.

Visit: Ephemeral

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Life is so much better w/o drama

The drama comes and goes, it’s really up to yourself to make the choice of it will pull you down or make you stronger. I have long time ago come to the point that I don’t care. Or more or less I don’t let it bring me down any more.

I know ppl that is cats, dogs, wolfs and many other animal souls ppl. I know girl liking girls.. guys loving guys.. guys playing girls etc etc.. Do it matter?

The game is what you make to be.

It’s your world, your way to play the game. Don’t let other tell you it’s not what you like and want to be… Do they really know you that good?

Sure there is some limits I would say its wrong.. grown up should not have sex with kids.. that’s just.. wrong in so many levels.. Some like to have sex with corpses.. weird yes but hey some likes it… toilet ..playing is a no no… but hey they maybe like it…

Drama is always near.. just don’t let it bring you down in a dark hole. Don’t make it harder then it is.. Take a step back, take a breath, look at the situation… how can you make it better? Try it.. count to 10.. It’s way better then killing ppl, screaming… tell them do go and f**k themself… what good will it do?

If you do feel you will never speak with them again .. like never ever.. sure.. go for it.. kick, mute, block… do it all.. but if u burn the bridge.. it’s no going back…

Ok never mind.. Im off to bed.. for all you out there I love you and will be here for you when you need it.. ♥

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Night club a lá vamp

Sometime I like to check out houses and clubs that you can buy. Here is a picture I took in a house or to be exact a vampire club that you can buy over at RED QUEEN.

My mansion I living in at the moment is from that place too.. But ohh that club was ^.^Hoooot

Wanna take a look?
Here is the limo that takes you there

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The Library

The Library

”The only thing that you absolutely MUST know, is the location of the library.”
– Albert Einstein

Under my travels I found a huge library whit books all over. I love books and this place got me the feeling of being relax and inspirited to find new stories to explore books to read.. facts to know…

Want too see it too? Here is the place: Teleport to the library

But don’t make to much noise because the librarian can hear you.. Trust me she is a giant… Her coffee cup is bigger then me…

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GGLR Danceclub

GGLR Danceclub

I wanted to hear some music after work so I could get of the worklag.
So when I did come online I found one of my friend beeing out dancing and listen to a good dj.

So why not.. I asked her to toss me a teleport.

Its a place you need a group to come too.
My friend says you will not be hit on here.


Awesome I say and tp there, before i got the group invite this guy IM’s me:

>JACK : hey
>Tαოოy : hiya
>JACK  : u are sexy
>JACK  : lets do sex
>Tαოოy : no thx.. bye

The one sending me a group invite asked me if he was with me and the answer was Hell no.. lol Soooo ops he didnt get a group invite … awww poor Jack… who ever you are…

Anyway the DJ was ÑIɢËL™ and he was doing a mix of diffrent mashups.. good tunes and the local was busy busy. I had a awesome time and just what I needed to relax some.

Ha a really cool girl there that has a leash on and was dancing around in the room but because of the leash she got like a rubberband effect … I giggel so much… Fun to watch. I think I ended up on her facebook but I don’t know what her fb is so I can’t really look for it.

Is it a place I will go to again? Yes I will..
Why: I like the place… its open and looks awesome.. good tunes and happy and crazy ppl. Just a place in my taste…

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Just write

Just write

I added in the setup so you do can comment now. I will look at it first because I don’t want random spam on my site. But comments is always good.. even if its bad lol

*hands out pens*

Just write what you feel like 😀

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