Vampire sisters

I have many sisters and one of them is Conny. She has been a part of my life for very many years now. In good and in bad she been there. Sure I have been...

Behind the dumper

In the night I found her a innocent little angel… I could her heart beating as I walked up to her… Poor thing she had no idea what was coming… *grins*

Mum & Dad

Mum and dad was over to visit and sitting by the fire in the night make them cuddle up. They always look so happy. So happy to have them both so close <3

Sanctuary of Rock

Sanctuary of Rock continues the long tradition of playing rock as it should be played; loud, free & wild! We welcome everyone that is looking for a fun place, great people & kickass tunes! Best...

Time to make a new start

So now we have come to a end of an epic travel. My site got shoot died and and I bury it 6 feet deep. And now its time to start over. No I had...